Fatty Arbuckle

Fatty ArbuckleSome of you who know me and my family well know that we are pretty good at giving each other crap. Two of the things that Jason always picked on me about was my lack of hair, and my weight. In typical Jason fashion he came up with the name Fatty Arbuckle. This was the name he used when referring to me for many, many years. It was just a fun joke, and he thought that he had made the name up himself.

After several years of him calling me this, I finally one day asked if he knew who Fatty Arbuckle was. He laughed and said “Yeah, its you!” That is when I went ahead and gave him a little history lesson. The following is crazy. It is all true, including the interaction with Jason. He was so shocked that he did not believe me and for several days joked about me being a liar, until I finally proved it. For all of you, here is a brief history of Fatty Arbuckle.

In 1921 there was a three-day long party. One particular starlet became very sick at that party and a few days later she died. The eye-witness accounts of what happened at that party differ in many ways, but it seems that at some point Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle, an actor who had just signed an (at that time) unheard of one million dollar contract with Paramount, had raped this starlet, and afterwards her behaviour became very strange. She was sent to another room to sleep off the alcohol, which is what most people thought was her problem. A few days later she went to the hospital, and died from the ruptured bladder that she had incurred while the 300 pound Arbuckle was on top of her. Shortly after that Arbuckle was arrested for murder.

There is a great deal more to this story, but that covers some of the main points of it. None of that is all that unbelievable until you hear the next 3 things. Remember Jason had no idea that this Arbuckle person really ever existed. He had probably heard the name at some point and when he needed a good fat name for me, it popped up in his mind. Here are the reasons it is strange.

1. Fatty’s real name was Roscoe. Roscoe is a nickname that we have commonly used to call my little brother Ross.

2. In many reports this crime happened on September 6th. That just happens to be my birthday.

3. Last but most certainly not least. The starlet who he was accused of killing? Her name was Virginia Rappe’. The only person of any fame I have been able to find in the history of our last name.

As you might expect, Jason did not believe me until I finally looked it up online and proved it to him. Again in typical Jason Rappe’, I love a good story, and this only makes it better fashion, he continued calling me by this name, only now he used it more frequently.

I am sharing this because it is a great memory that I share with my brother, and a pretty amazing story of coincidence. I hope you all enjoyed it.

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